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    Here are some commonly asked questions regarding your child's health and well-being in school. Please do not hesitate in contacting your child's school nurse with any questions or concerns.
  • When should I keep my child home from school?

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    There are no hard and fast rules about when you should keep your child home from school. We expect that parents will use their judgment and keep their children home when they’re not feeling well, not only to speed up their recovery time, but also to protect other students.

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  • Will the school nurse diagnose illness?

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    No. If you suspect that your child is ill, please take her/him to your health care provider for diagnosis and treatment.

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  • Should I call the school when my child will be absent due to illness or for some other reason?

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    Yes.  Please call your child’s school to report her/his absence:

    Church Street School:  422-2400

    George Washington School:  422-2380

    Mamaroneck Avenue School:  422-2286

    Post Road School:  422-2320

    Ridgeway School:  422-2081

    Middle School - Eastview Campus:  422-2223

    Middle School - Highlands Campus:  422-2090/2120

    High School:       North House:   422-2140      South House:  422-2171

    Community School:  422-2420

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  • Do I need to send in a note after my child’s absence? Is a doctor’s note necessary?

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    When your child returns to school, s/he should bring the teacher a note from you explaining the absence. When your child is out for more than five days, it is advisable to submit a doctor’s note.

    If your child’s absence was due to a contagious disease, such as chicken pox, please have her/him bring a doctor’s note directly to the school nurse before returning to the classroom.

    At the high school, absences impact directly on credits received, as detailed in the school's Absence Policy. The high school sends parents information every year detailing the school’s absence policy. Any questions should be directed to your child’s guidance counselor.

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