Viewing art is a great time to discuss ideas and opinions with your child. 
    Everyone will like something different, so share your thoughts with your children and encourage them to do the same. 
    That’s the beauty of art: it gets you thinking and looking at things in a new way! 

    Here are some questions to engage your child in a discussion about what happened during art class:

    What art materials did you use today? 
    What techniques were taught and what was the process you learned?
    Did you learn about a particular artist or a certain artistic style? 
    Did you view pictures of famous artwork? 
    What art vocabulary words did you discuss today?

    When looking at your child's artwork remember to praise the effort not the child:

    Instead of saying:

    "Great job!" or "You're an amazing artist!"

     Try saying:

    "Wow! Look at all the different colors/techniques/materials, etc... you used to make that picture." 

    "Can I hang this in the kitchen?!" 

    "What was your favorite part of making that?"

    "Tell me about your drawing." 

    For more information on Attribution Retraining, please click on the links below and take a look at the brochure created by the entire Church Street School Staff:
     fridge cartoon