Ms. Evans spent several weeks with her 3rd Graders researching the Rainforest. Students worked collaboratively with each other to choose one part of the Rainforest wildlife (an animal, amphibian, reptile, etc.) to study and make a life-size model of out with papier mache. Ms. Evans worked tirelessly with the students to create an immersive exhibit (with the help of various others, including Ms. Bellom, Ms. Berrios and Ms. Westerberg) at the end of the K/1 hallway. In addition to creating these amazing animals, plants, amphibians, etc., students also created reports on the Rainforest. Below is a video they made with Ms. Westerberg about their wildlife creations:
    Pictures from the Grand Opening of the exhibit!
    The exhibit  The Grand Opening of the Rainforest Exhibit!
     McCaw  sloth
     Harpy Eagle  Tiger
    spider monkey  toucan
    Cayman  pink dolphin