• Who would you be if you were a famous mathematician?
    Step 1:  Click on the link below from Kids Zone to take the quiz... 
    Write down the mathematician you were matched with.  IF YOU GET TWO, CHOOSE ONE !
    Step 2:  Write down their name (spelling counts) and come find a picture to glue in.
    Step 3: Research - you will need to do some research on your mathematician to complete the 1 pager.  
    Step 4:  When your sheet is complete, answer the questions on the back.
    You will need to write down the website used to match you with your mathematician.
    You will also need to find similarities and differences between you and your mathematician ...
                  Ask yourself - Where you born the same month?  Did you like the same things? Does your name start with the same letter?
                                           Do you have the same nationality ?  Are you the same gender?
                 You may google : Fun Facts about (your mathematician) to find out about them ....
                                               Biography of (your mathematician) 
    This is going to be part of a Project and will be collected and graded. 
Last Modified on February 28, 2017