• Bridge Efficiency

    Posted by Damien King on 3/22/2015
    Congratulation to Mia, Alex, Nalani and Paulina for having the highest bridge efficiency scores in the grade.  Alex's bridge held over 3000 times its own weight!  Amazing.  Some of the top bridge designs are attached to this posting. 
    Once again, we now begin the long journey of design as you embark on the creation of the Co2 Racecars.  Excitingly, this year some of Highlands esteemed teachers are going to design and make their own individual racecars that will race along side  the 8th graders in June.  A lot of information needed for the CO2 Racecars can be found on the CLASS POWERPOINTS  section of this website. Feel free to move on with your design and, if you meet your work deadlines early, you may have time to build a second car. 
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  • Bridge completion deadline and final evaluation

    Posted by Damien King on 2/25/2015
    The last day of truss bridge project is Friday, March 6th and all bridge work MUST be completed on or before that date. This means that you need to finish the bridge building, test the bridge, calculate the bridge efficiency and complete the evaluation worksheet by that date. Try to finish early to avoid a traffic jam at the bridge tester closer to deadline day. If you need extra time, come see me to make a lunchtime appointment.
    The Evaluation Sheet is attached. You can print it and work on it at home to save time.
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  • Bridge Testing

    Posted by Damien King on 11/24/2014
    As you begin building your bridges this week you are probably wondering what the testing stage looks like. Well check out the first minute and twenty seconds of the linked video to see some bridge testing in action.  
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  • Goalsetting

    Posted by Damien King on 11/17/2014
    As we move towards the build stage of the truss bridge design process, it is important to be able to learn how to set individual,specific and measurable work goals for each lesson.  Deciding on,  and visualizing where you want to get to will help you to get there...right?  Achieving your goals day to day, from lesson to lesson, will help you to experience the  daily success that will keep you motivated over the course of a long project. Check out this cool animation for some goalsetting motivation.
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