• 2017-2018 SAT and ACT test dates

    Here are both the 2017-2018 SAT ACT test dates. Please see me if you believe that you may qualify for a fee waiver.

  • The SAT Redesign 
    (Princeton Review) "The SAT is undergoing its biggest change in 30 years. The College Board says it is trying to make the test more relevant to high school curriculum. The Redesigned SAT is expected to debut in March of 2016 and will impact students who are in the class of 2017 or younger. The content on the Redesigned SAT will be very similar to that which is on the ACT. The major difference is in how the concepts are tested and the steps students will have to take to solve problems correctly. Students will have to reason their way through this exam by tackling problems in a linear and sequential fashion; a student’s ability to process information quickly will be key." Click here for more information on the changes from Princeton Review as well as information straight from the College Board.
    This PowerPoint with audio covers the main differences between the two board exams and which test might be better suited for a particular student.
    See here for the SAT Score Converter. This is a tool that will compare the old SAT scores and the new SAT scores. The method used is called concordance, it will estimate how you might have scored on a different test.
  • What’s the Difference: SAT vs. ACT

    For a more detailed explanation between the two exams, click here. For a more complete dissection on which test might be better suited for a particular student or learning style, click here.The main thing to remember is that the companies are competitors. Think Coke v. Pepsi.  Neither one is necessarily better than the other, they are just different.  The choice as to which to prep for and take is completely up to the individual student.  Colleges don’t look favorably on one exam over the other.

  • The SAT Subject Tests at a Glance


    The SAT Subject Tests include more than 20 different tests focusing on specific disciplines, such as English, history and the social sciences, mathematics, physical sciences, and foreign languages. Each subject test lasts 1 hour and consists entirely of multiple-choice questions.


    The SAT is largely a test of verbal and math skills. Although you need to know vocabulary and a few formulas, it's primarily designed to measure how well you read and think, rather than what you know.  The SAT Subject Tests, however, are different. These tests are designed to measure what you know about specific subjects. Sure, critical reading and thinking skills play a part; but the main purpose of the Subject Tests is to determine exactly what you know about math, history, chemistry, and so on.

  • Standardized Testing: Your Questions, Our Answers

    This information is from a program that the WPHS guidance department put on for our school community in March 2014. Many of your questions are probably answered here.  You can also find links to valuable resources in this document.

  • Understanding the PSAT
    This PPT will help guide you to better understand your PSAT results as well this infographic. Your unique access code will help you work on skill areas that need improvement in order to maximize results for the SAT exam.