• College planning and calendar timeline

    The all-important college timeline, from freshman year through senior year. This resource will keep you on track and hitting all of your check points. Click here for the senior-only timeline.
  • Some college selection criteria

    College costs aren't the only factor when selecting which college to apply to or attend. There are more than 6,500 colleges from which to choose, each with its own culture and vibe, and it's worth the extra effort while researching to find the college that's right for you.  
  • College planning: What's expected?

    Successful college planning takes contributions from all of the stakeholders involved. The major players, the student, counselor and parents, must work together to explore the possibilities for the student’s post-high-school future.  
  •  Factors in the admissions decision

    Check out NACAC's most recent findings from the research on the most important factors in the admission decision.
  • Early Decision & Early Action

    The benefits and drawbacks of applying early:

    Early decision (ED) and early action (EA) plans can absolutely be beneficial to students — especially for those who have thought through their college options carefully and have a clear preference for one institution.

  • Definitions of admissions options

    For definitions in admissions options in higher education