• Introduction to Drawing

    In Studio in Drawing, students learn how to develop dynamic drawings by strengthening observational skills and experimenting with a variety of styles and techniques. 
    We begin with fun warm-up exercises that help retrain the eye to “see.”  We  investigate the power of line, the importance of composition, and the science of shading through a series of projects.  We also discuss and practice using perspective, proportion, scale, texture, contrast, and value throughout the course.
    Students will need a sketchbook in order to practice drawing exercises that will help reinforce what is learned in class.  They reflect on their progress as a group through class critiques.
    There are three levels of drawing.  On the right are photos of work from my Intermediate Drawing class.  Using polaroid photographs as references, the students drew portraits of children from an orphanage in Uganda. Then they used a variety of media to indicate the range of values in the original photos. 

    Uganda Portait 1


    Uganda Portait 2

Last Modified on August 7, 2018