• Dear Students,

    Welcome to 7th grade Critical Literacy II through Global Perspectives with Ms. Friedman!  We are going to have an exciting year learning more about topics that you are learning about in Social Studies class using fiction and non-fiction texts!

    Guidelines: As a student in my classroom, you will be expected to-

    1. Come to class prepared to learn each day
    2. Respect your classmates, your teacher, and yourself.
    3. Participate in all group activities
    4. Complete all class work, assignments, projects, and take notes

    Units of Study: 

    • Unit 1: Independent Reading: Why do we read? What are the benefits of independent reading? 
    • Unit 2: Shared Inquiry through the lens of short stories
    • Unit 3: Historical Fiction
    • Unit 4: Social Commentary
    • Unit 5: Human Rights 

    Grading System: I will use the grading system below to determine your grades

    •  Student Work (classwork, homework, and participation): 60%
    • Assessments (writing pieces, projects, tests, and quizzes): 40%

     Classwork: We will do an activity each day to help us better understand what we are learning. These activities will be worth 5 points, 50 points, or 100 points. Theses assignments will be given a grade of check plus (5 points/50 points/95 points), check (3 points/42 points/85 points), or check minus (1 point/35 points/75 points).

    Homework: I assign homework often.  Homework will be checked at the beginning of class and will be given a grade of check plus (5 points), check (3 points), or check minus (1 point).

    Assessments: We will have five units of study this year. I will assign two projects or writing assignments per quarter based on the unit that we are studying. We will begin each project or writing assignment in class and you will be given class time to work on it. Before we begin each project or writing assignment, you will be given a written copy of the directions, expectations, and the rubric.

    Tests and Quizzes: There will also be several tests and quizzes per unit. You will be given a study sheet for the end of unit tests.  The quizzes will focus on vocabulary and key concepts from the unit.

    I am certain that this year will be an exciting and enjoyable learning experience.

    We will work together to ensure your success. 

    Ms. Friedman