• MOSS (Maintenance Organization Schedule System):

    MOSS is an Internet-based work order management system that allows Facilities & Operations to manage incoming work requests. We strongly encourage the use of MOSS (Maintenance Organization Schedule System). 

    To access MOSS click on the Work Request link below.  Enter the work you want accomplished and the request is automatically entered into the system.  You will receive email responses for the following actions:
    • Acknowledgment by the MOSS upon approval of the work request.
    • When the work order is complete.

    You may also use MOSS (Maintenance Organization Schedule System) to access the status of your request. 

    To access work requests please click on the hyperlink below then follow directions below : 
    1. Enter your email address and click Submit. 
    2. If a RED message pops up noting that it can’t find the indicated email address, enter your last name and click Submit. Then enter your first name, on the next page, and click Submit.

     Filling out the Request Form: 

    Step 1 : This will be filled in with your information from the email address you entered at the sign in screen.
    Step 2: Click on ‘request facility use’ on the top bar.
    Step 3:  Click on Normal Schedule (unless you are setting up a recurring meeting; then use recurring Schedule).
    Step 4:  Fill out information requested.
    Last Step: Enter password and Click submit - This will trigger an approval request;  a copy of your request will be sent to the email on file.