• If you have been deferred our waitlisted from one or more of your top choice schools do your best to take it in stride - don't panic!  Here are some resources and tips on the do's and do not's of what to do next.
  • I’ve Been Deferred.  Now What?

    Find out who your admissions rep is and send them a letter

    • Don’t have sour grapes; be polite and positive.
    • It’s a way to remind your admissions officer that you exist, and that X school really is your first choice.

    Update your information

    • Chances are the college will ask for your midyear grades. If you were deferred because of a marginal GPA, the college will want to see that your grades are on an upward trend. Also, think about other information that might be worth sending:
    • New and improved SAT or ACT scores.
    • Membership in a new extracurricular activity.
    • A new leadership position in a group or team.
    • A new honor or award.

    Send a New Letter of Recommendation

    • Is there someone who knows you well who can really promote you effectively? If so, an additional letter of recommendation might be a good idea. Ideally, this letter should talk about the specific personal qualities that make you an ideal match for the particular college that has deferred you.

    Send Supplemental Materials

    • You don't want to overwhelm the admissions office, but you should feel free to send in writing or other materials that will show the full breadth of what you can contribute to the campus community.
    • A resume if you have a strong one.