Vocabulary Words Definition
Taciturn Reluctant to converse; not expressive or sociable
Capricious Unpredictable; guided by chance or sudden flights of fancy
Torrid Extremely hot (can refer to emotions as well as the weather)
Impervious Not capable of being penetrated, affected, or disturbed. Not allowing entrance or passage (can be used to describe a physical or mental state).
Audacious Bold, daring, contemptuous of conventional restraints
Charlatan An imposter; a quack. Someone who pretends to have skills or knowledge he doesn't really possess.
Contrite Thoroughly sorry for a wrongdoing
Dogmatic Arrogantly inflexible in insisting upon one’s own arbitrary opinions.
Ephemeral lasting for a very short time
Fetid Foul smelling, stinking, having an offensive order
Fortuitous – Adj. Happening by chance or accident, usually with good results; lucky
Abstruse Difficult to understand
Ameliorate to make better, improve, relive, or soothe
Apathy An abnormal absence of feeling or emotion
Animosity A feeling of resentment that could lead to violence; hostility; antagonism
Clemency Reduction or elimination of punishment; mildness of weather