Flat Connections  
      We have joined a global collaborative project called Flat Connections Global Project. The logo above is a link to the project's Ning and below is a description from the Teacher's Guide:

    "Project overview and purpose

    The Flat Connections Global Project is a global collaborative project that joins together middle and high school students (typically grade/year 9-12, 14-18 years old).

    This project uses Web 2.0 tools to support communication and interaction as well as collaboration and creation between students and teachers from classrooms around the world. The topics studied and discussed are real-world scenarios based on the current Horizon Report K-12 2013 (for the January 2014 project) as well as a variety of influential thought leaders and authors including:

    • Yong Zhao, ‘World Class Learners’

    • David Price OBE, ‘Open’

    • Thomas Friedman, ‘The World is Flat’

    • Tony Wagner, ‘Creating Innovators’

    • Dan Pink, ‘A Whole New Mind’

    One of the main goals of the project is to 'flatten' or lower the classroom walls so that instead of each class working in isolation, 2 or more classes are joined virtually to become one large classroom. The project is designed to develop cultural understanding, skills with Web 2.0 and other software, experience in global collaboration and online learning, awareness of what it means to live and work in a flat world, while researching and discussing new ideas and actions for future learning.

    Projects are constructed with an international set of classrooms (as mixed as we can make it depending on applications). Students have the chance to take on leadership roles, and begin to understand what it takes to build and contribute to an online learning community. They also interact with expert advisers and other classroom teachers in a true flattened learning mode."
     Why the World is Flat
     "I'm worried about my country. I love America. I think it's the best country in the world. But I also think we're not tending to our sauce. I believe that we are in what Shirley Ann Jackson [president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute] calls a "quiet crisis." If we don't change course now and buckle down in a flat world, the kind of competition our kids will face will be intense and the social implications of not repairing things will be enormous." Thomas L. Friedman
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