• imageMiddle School Curriculum

    Cooperative Activities: The objective of each of these activities is to help students develop team cooperation, trust, communication skills, and problem solving skills.  Throughout the activities the students will be enhancing their personal development and challenged as individuals to face their own perceived limitations.  Teamwork is developed by working, playing and accomplishing goals together.


    Fitness Components:  These components include cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, muscluar strength, and flexibility. Students will learn by participating in physical activities that use the above components of fitness, examples being but not limited to: soccer, football, ultimate frisbee activities, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and boxball.



    Team and Leisure Sports:  The objective of this program is designed to familiarize students with various sports that can be enjoyed now and in their adulthood.  It is our hope as a department is that students will learn to enjoy these sports and continue to play and be involved in these sports in the future.