• Mrs. Varghese’s Classroom

    Email: nissevarghese@wpcsd.k12.ny.us


    Rules/Grading Policies


    Students must bring to class EVERYDAY:

    1. Two Pencils with erasers
    2. 3 inch binder (Shared for all classes)
    3. Folder for Math
    4. Scientific Calculator  TI 30XIIS
    5. PLANNER



    1.     One person talks at a time.

    2.    Be sensitive to other’s feelings and treat them the way you would like to be treated.

    3.    Be respectful of other’s property.

    4.    Raise your hand to speak.  * DO NOT CALL OUT *

    5.    Use appropriate “classroom” language



    1.     Follow directions FIRST TIME given

    2.    Be responsible for your work.  Don’t copy from others.

    3.    Be in seat with supplies working on DO NOW when bell rings                                     (2 pencils, homework, calculator, notebook and planner)

    4.    Push seat in and leave work area clean



    1.     Be kind to everyone. (Keep hands, feet, and belongings to yourself)

    2.    Accept consequences for your actions.

    3.    Honor your peers’ thoughts and ideas.



    1.     Make good decisions and be appropriate.

    2.    Ask for help when needed.

    3.    Homework should be completed and brought to class everyday.









    ¨  FIRST- Warning or separation from class

    ¨  SECOND- Meeting with Mrs. Varghese after class AND/OR during lunch

    ¨  THIRD-  Call or Note Home

    ¨  FOURTH – – Meeting with Counselor/ Administration

                                    *Severe actions – Special Duty

                  * must come back for during lunch to meet with Mrs. Varghese

                      * may lead to meeting with assistant principal and/or phone call home


    Grading and Expectations

    HOMEWORK – Homework will be assigned every day in class and will be checked the following day at the beginning of class. (Homework should be in notebook, in pencil, and with all work shown)  Every student receives a √+, √ or a √-.   If absent from school, the assignment will be checked the day the student returns to class.     Homework will count for 25% of the quarter grade.

    QUIZZES– A quiz will be given at least three times a marking period and will contain mostly homework questions.   Any student who misses a quiz has one week to make it up before it counts as a zero.  Quizzes will account for 25% of the quarter grade.

     TESTS- Students will be given a test at the end of every unit.  They will be aware of when these tests are scheduled. If the student misses a test for any reason they must schedule a time for the test to be made up.  There are about 2 - 3 tests each marking period.  Tests will account for 35% of the quarter grade.


    POWS (Problems of the Week) – There will be assessment problems given throughout the quarter.   POWs will account for 15% of the quarter grade.


    CLASS PARTICIPATION/DO NOW- Students are usually given a “Do Now” as they enter the classroom.  It becomes part of the daily class routine and should always be expected.  This “Do Now” will usually be on the whiteboard or given in the form of a worksheet.  Students are also expected to participate daily.  Whether they contribute an idea or thought, ask a question or answer a question, they should be engaged throughout the lesson.



    ¨ Students will receive academic progress reports FROM THE SCHOOL if a student is not passing at the midquarter.

    ¨ Classroom progress reports may be sent out anytime during the quarter if the student has missing work.Parents must sign and return progress reports.