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    tigerguitar 8th Grade General Music Course Outline

    White Plains Middle School


    Mrs. Irlen


    Course Purpose

    1.      To develop in each student an understanding and appreciation of music as made up of rhythm, melody, harmony, form, timbre and expressive elements.

    2.      To create in each student an awareness of a variety of styles within music.

    3.      To enable each student to be an intelligent, informed consumer of music by developing specific listening skills.

    4.      To empower the student to use the above skills and increased responsiveness to music for their own benefit.

    5.      To apply rhythmic and melodic knowledge to develop a basic performance level on drums and guitar.



            Grading Policy

                Participation 20%

                Behavior 20%

                Classwork 40%

                Assessments 20%



       Course Outline


                Drumming Unit

    1.      Related Daily Music Terms

    2.      Identify, Read, Write and Perform various rhythmic patterns in 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 meters.

    3.      Apply rhythmic knowledge to short story/poems creating a rhythmic landscape.

    4.      Perform varied rhythmic patterns using body percussion, and various drums and drumming techniques.

    5.      Worksheets – Aurally identifying rhythm, composing

    6.      Study the drumming styles from West Africa and Taiko.

    7.      Unit Project

    a.       To Create and Perform a rhythmic composition.

    kagan         gankoqui             axaste             kagan      gankoqui axaste            kagan

                   Music in the Movies

    1.      Related Daily Music Terms

    2.      Study several famous movie music composers.

    3.      Identify different compositional techniques (timbre, tempo, dynamics, rhythm, melody) and how they are used to create the mood and tell a story.

    4.      Worksheets (Identifying certain melodic patterns found in music studied and what characters are represented through the music)

    5.       Unit Project

    a.       To create a 2-5 minute short film and apply appropriate music to supplement the story (students will have the opportunity to choose from a given list of repertoire, or to provide their own repertoire)




    1.      Related Daily Music Terms

    2.      Worksheets (Parts of the Guitar, Chord Charts, Rhythm Patterns, Notenames, etc.)

    3.      Build Basic Guitar Skills (Lead/Melody Guitar, Basic Chords – G, D7, C, G7, Em)

    4.      Discover several Guitarists and Guitar Styles

    5.      Unit Project

    a.       Students will complete a research project using PowerPoint.  Students will present their project to the class. 

    b.      Research Topic:  Great Guitarists

                          guitarmin                              guitar