Payroll Department
    Barbara Campisi
    P: (914) 422-2062 F: (914) 422-2006
    Our mission at the office of Payroll Administration is to effectively deliver the services to meet the payroll needs of all employees. District employees are paid bi-weekly by either direct deposit or physical payroll check. 
    • DIRECT DEPOSIT is an ideal way for you to receive your paycheck. Your paycheck is automatically deposited to an account of your choosing (checking, savings, prepaid card) and you will still receive a paystub. No more trips to the bank or waiting for your check to arrive in the mail!!! If you would like to enroll, please complete the Direct Deposit Form, attach a voided check from your account and send it to Payroll office at ED House. Note: the change to direct deposit may not take effect until one subsequent payroll cycle. Direct Deposit Form


    • GUIDE TO IRS FORM W-2: This guide will assist you in understanding the W-2 Document you receive every January. W2 Form
    • The IRS Form W-4 is used to change name, address, filing status, number of dependents, and other deductions. W4 Form
    • The IT-2104 is used for New York State withholding allowance. IT-2104 Form
    Do you know you can pay less taxes and save for retirement at the same time?
    By electing to contribute salary toward a 403B or 457 retirement plan, the amount you deduct is not taxable as income and also grows tax deferred.  These plans are easy to set up.  The following brief "why me video" provides an excellent introduction to the benefits of this program.  Omni is our third party administrator for the 403B & 457 additional retirement tax deferred plans.  The NYS Deferred Compensation Plan 457 and 403B accounts need to be open first before filling out the Omni 457 & 403B form. Look at the current 403B Participants List (pdf) before choosing a tax deferred company to open an account with.
    Frequently Asked Questions about 403B and 457 retirement plans:
     Check out the 403B Why Me video:
    Omni forms & Links to websites -
    To find out about Omni go to: www.Omni403b.com and www.nysdcp.com
    OMNI 403B Forms
    Once the 403B & 457 forms are filled in, send them to the payroll office attn: to Barbara Campisi in order to be processed. If forms are sent directly to Omni, it will delay the process since Omni will send them right back to us.
    403B SRA Plan Contribution Form (pdf)
     ****457 NYS Deferred Compensation Plan Enrollment Form 
    457 NYS Deferred Compensation Plan Contribution Form (pdf)