Welcome to another wonderful year of reading and learning at the Post Road School Library! My name is Erin DiMartino and I am be your child’s Library Media Specialist! During this time your child we will be learning about books, authors, ELA skills, digital literacy skills, and how to be independent lifelong learners!
    And of course, we will be checking out books!


     Here in the library, we strive to nurture students’ love of reading, inspire curiosity, educate our children to become detectives in a world of print and media, and encourage each child to find his or her own unique way of contributing to the school community as well as the greater city of White Plains. 

    The Post Road School Library Media Center is open every day during school hours. Each class will come to the library on its assigned day for 40 minutes during the school's 6-day rotation.

    Fines and Lost Books

    There will be time to borrow books during each library visit.  Students who have returned their books will be able to select new books.  Students who have not returned their books will not be able to check out new books.

    Every student can keep their books at home for 11 school days, which means books are due back right before the second time they come back to library. If they are done earlier, please help your child to remember to bring the books back—if they bring back their books the next time they come to library, they can take home more books!
    Books that have been checked out for more than 11 school days are considered overdue.  Late notices will be distributed to classroom teachers to send home as a reminder to return the book or to send in replacement money if the book was lost. If two weeks are not enough time to finish a chapter book, that is okay—your child can bring the book with them to library, or just let me know, to renew the book for another 2 weeks. 

    There are no fines for returning a book late, but students will not be able to take new books home until the book is returned. Students are responsible for lost or damaged books and will be charged the replacement cost of the book.