Good Readers Solve Tricky Words By:

    Looking at the picture

    Looking at the first letter and get mouth ready to make that sound

    Asking ourselves, “Does this word LOOK right, SOUND right, MAKE SENSE?”

    Looking for known parts of a word (prefix, suffix, vowel teams, blends, digraphs)

    Looking for smaller words in big words

    Stretch out the sounds



    Good Readers Monitor and Support Comprehension By:

    -Getting our minds ready to read by

    -taking a picture walk
    making predictions, keep or change predictions

    Stopping and Thinking to ask, “What is happening on this page? Or paragraph?”

    Asking questions (5 W’s)

    Jotting down wonderings

    Rereading when comprehension breaks down

    Making inferences

    Making connections (text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-world)

    Identifying the main idea and supporting details

    Summarizing the important parts