• Jacksonians Control Their Own Destiny
    Students are expected to come to class prepared.  They should have their binders with their social studies section organized, a pen or pencil to write with, their completed homework and they should come into class ready to learn! 
    Grading Policy:   
    Tests - 30% of the total grade
    Quizzes - 25% of the total grade
    Projects - 15% of the total grade
    Homework - 20% of the total grade
    Class Participation - 10% of the total grade
    *Homework should be done completely and turned in on time.  If homework is turned in late, I will accept it; however, points will be deducted each day it is late (up to five days).  If missing assignments are not turned in after five days, they will not be accepted. 
    * Check your planner, weekly folders and the Parent Portal to stay up to date.