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Rochambeau Alternative High School

Mr. Paul Bratcher



Alone we can do so little.  Together we can do so much.  -Helen Keller

February 27, 2017

Dear Rochambeau Parents/Guardians,

 There's something about the second half.  In a two act play, we refer to it as the part of the show where the climax meets the conclusion.  The grand finale!  The most exciting part of the performance.  In football, the second half represents the period in which teams make the necessary adjustments in an effort to close out the game on a winning note.  The same concept applies in education.

We are now in the second half of our school year.  This is not the time for students to lose focus and throw in the towel.  Instead, our students must rise to the occasion, overcome obstacles and disappointments, and continue the educational journey they are on.  They must exhibit a consistent effort.  They must exhibit grit.  Angela Duckworth, author of GRIT, puts it this way, “To be gritty is to keep putting one foot in front of the other. To be gritty is to hold fast to an interesting and purposeful goal. To be gritty is to invest, day after week after year, in challenging practice.”   Here at Rochambeau, we cultivate an environment of grit.  We expect students to stay the course and never give up.  We encourage them to follow their dreams and aspire to do great things.
It’s the second half.  We all must work together as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More).  We need your support as we finish out what we started back in September.  Please continue to check the parent portal to review your child’s attendance and grades.  Stay in communication with your child’s teachers.  Helen Keller said it best, “Alone we can do so little.  Together we can do so much.”  As always, thanks for working in partnership on behalf of your child. 

Rochambeau ROCKS,

Paul Bratcher

Paul Bratcher