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    Physical Education

    Current Events Assignment


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    1. Find an article that has as its main theme a topic related to health, fitness, or wellness.   Follow the format below.  The completed assignment should be 2-2 ½ type written pages in length.  Including the cover page and copy of your article, the entire assignment will be 4 – 4 ½ pages.



     2.  Cover Page:  Include the title of the article, your name, the date, the course                                                                       

                (Physical Education), the teacher’s name, and class period.



    1. Summarize The Article:  In your own words, explain what the article is about.  Be certain to site the article (where did you find it).  The summary should include the main points of the article and pertinent information.  This summary should be  one or two paragraphs in length.



    1. Vocabulary: Select 3 words from the article and, in your own words, define them as they relate to health, fitness, or wellness.



    1. Practical Application:  In this paragraph, explain 3 ways in which the information in this article could be applied to your life to enhance your overall health, fitness, and/or wellness.



    1. Personal Critique:  In this final paragraph, write your feelings about this article and the information provided in it.



    1. Attach a copy of the article to the assignment.





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