• Bienvenidos!  Here you will find many resources for 6th grade students of Spanish.  Our classes are called World Language Classes! 
    Look at the chapter that we are working on and you should find many helpful resources!  You can always e-mail me if you have questions:  judithplant@wpcsd.k12.ny.us
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    La Tarea - Homework/Classwork due 6/12/2017
    Work on Part I, Part II and Part III of the Study Guide.  The answers are 
    on this website under "Review."  Use this as a tool to help you review everything we have learned - spend 20 minutes a day at home on it only.  You do not need to finish it - it will not be graded.
    6/12 and 6/13 - Listening, Reading and Writing  portions of the exam.
    There will be 20 listening questions (40 points), 10 Reading Comprehension Questions (20 points), 2 Compositions (10 points each), and the Speaking (20 Points) for a total of 100 points.  Questions?  e-mail, or stop in for lunch. 
  • ¿Quién es el líder de mi país?

    This project will be worked on in class and at home. There is no homework over the break, and students are encouraged to look at the materials that are attached if they have time. They have seen a model, and begun their research in class.
  • El calendario y las partes del cuerpo:
    These are two areas that we learn about in class that don't align with a particular chapter in our text "Ven conmigo."  Here are some links that may be helpful to review:
    El Calendario:  
    Prezi -  Notes - Videos - Days and Months and Seasons
    Las partes del cuerpo - Body Parts:
    coming soon............... 
  • Review the attached powerpoints and informative videos about Cuba in preparation for our next topic!  Cuba