Government Links

    Library of Congress
    Here you'll find a list of services, exhibits, events, and research tools, as well as links to American Memory's historical collections and to Thomas, the Congressional homepage.

    This site provides a wealth of legislative information - everything from current bills to the Congressional Record, committee information, historical documents, and Congressional directories.
    The CIA World Fact Book
    Looking for detailed information on countries of the world? Here you'll find geographical, demographic, political, environmental, and development details beyond your wildest dreams!

    U.S. Census Bureau
    Here you can find both current and historical social, demographic, and economic information from the U.S. Census. The site also includes links to 70 additional federal statistical agencies.

    National Archives
    The homepage of the National Archives and Records Administration lists events, services, and exhibits, as well as resources for the classroom teacher. Of particular interest is "The Research Room," where one can research genealogy and the historical records of various government agencies.

    Smithsonian Institution
    This extensive website leads to the numerous Smithsonian museums and research centers throughout the country as well as listing events, services, tours, and more. You can even find resources for classroom teachers here.

    The White House
    The particularly beautiful homepage provides links to other government websites, today's news, and historical and current information related to the Presidency.

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
    Find news and information from the government agency that helps predict changes in the earth's environment and manage coastal and marine resources.

    This very extensive site provides links to the 12 NASA centers, a picture gallery, space science resources, the latest NASA news, and many other resources.