• kids reading

    7 Habits of Great Readers

    ·       See themselves as readers

    ·       Make sense of text

    ·       Use what they know

    ·       Understand how stories work

    ·       Read to learn                                                            

    ·       Monitor and organize ideas information

    ·       Think critically about books


    Young readers must . . .

    1.            Spend 85% of their reading time reading easy books

    ·                    children sound like they are talking while reading

    ·                    all words are easy        

    ·                   story is understood


    2.          Spend 15% of their reading time reading instructional books

    ·                   books slightly above their easy level      

    ·                   books are presented by the teacher

    ·                   children practice new reading strategies


    3.          Spend 0% of their reading time at their frustration level

    ·                   books that they have to sound out most/all of the words  

    ·                   they don’t understand what they have read   

    ·                   they develop a negative attitude towards reading