The College and Career Center, located in Room C141, is available to all students who wish to conduct research and investigate all aspects of their college and career planning. The center contains many valuable resources such as books, handouts, pamphlets, bulletins, videos, CD’s, scholarship and financial aid information,  summer program information, standardized exams and test prep information, NCAA eligibility information and much more. The College and Career Center serves as the meeting place for our College Visitation Program for Seniors (and Juniors only if they have a study hall that period) College Visit Program Info.  The College & Career Center also hosts Career Pathways and other meetings.
    Students must adhere to the following procedure (unless they have a study hall) when meeting with college representatives in the College and Career Center:
    • Students must complete the College Visitation Pass College Visit Pass prior to the period of the visit (passes are also in the Guidances Offices and College & Career Center)
    • Students must make up all missed class work.
    • Student must sign the attendance sheet when they arrive in the College & Career Center.
    • After the visit, students must have their Pass signed and then brought to their House Office for attendance purposes.