• Forensic Science 2nd Quarter Project

    Case Study


    For this project, you will create a report which relates forensic science applications discussed in class to a real-life criminal investigation. You will fully research a case study of your choosing and report the case details, evidence and forensic techniques that have helped solve or better understand the case. Please refer to the rubrics and guides for grading information. Follow the steps below to finish this assignment:


    ·         Choose a case study: I have provided a list of possible case studies or you may choose your own (subject to my approval). It is important to pick a case that not only interests you but one that you are also comfortable with researching.


    ·         You may choose to use a video as the basis your case study from a non-fiction TV program. If you use a video as the basis for your research, it must be a full episode (more than 35 minutes) on your specific case, not a more general forensics video.  Series that have appropriate videos include, but are not limited to:

    Investigation Discovery

    NBC News dateline

    ABC 20/20

    YouTube search: true crime documentary full episodes (must be over 35 minutes)

    You can still choose a case study even if there is no video on it, but you will need to find materials that include the forensic evidence and how it was evaluated and used to solve the crime and convict the perpetrator. 


    ·         ALL reports must cite at least three reliable sources (NOT Wikipedia), only one of which may be the video. 


    ·         The case may be recent or older, but it must have been solved.  It can be a crime of any nature. All of these details should be indicated in the report sheet.


    ·         The case must include aspects of forensic science in attempting to solve the crime. This includes evidence such as fingerprints, hair, testimony and other topics.


    ·         Each student must choose a different case.  If more than one student wants a particular case, I will assign the case randomly to one student.


    ·         Indicate your three top choices for a case study written in the lines below. I will try to grant you one of your top choices; however, it will ultimately be up to me to decide in case of ties.



    Choice 1: ___________________________________________________________

    Choice 2: ___________________________________________________________

    Choice 3: ___________________________________________________________



    Approved/Assigned Case ____________________________________________________________



    The final report MUST BE TYPED !!!

    I have reserved the laptops every Thursday for the next 6 weeks. The project should be done in class using the following project timeline:


    12/4    Submit choices of case to be researched

    12/11  First draft of case summary completed - handwritten

    12/18  Corrected and edited case summary completed

    1/8       Evidence list researched and reported – include at least 3 references (max of 1 video)

    1/15    Final summary of case completed including all references

    1/22    Case study reflection and final TYPED report due



    Forensic Science Case Study Project Suggestion List

    This is a list of possible ideas for the Forensic Science Case Study Project. Feel free to choose from this list or research others. You may further research a serial killer.  A quick Google search will reveal many more. Another excellent list of cases is http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/serial_killers/complete_list.html


    Aileen Wuornos

    Marilyn Monroe

    Albert DeSalvo

    Mark Winger

    Amanda Knox

    Medgar Evers

    Anthrax Mailing

    Menendez Brothers

    Aaron Hernandez

    Michael Jackson

    Brinks Robbery

    O.J. Simpson Case

    BTK Killer

    Oklahoma Bombings

    Casey Anthony trial

    PanAm flight 103 Lockerbie Bombing

    Central Park 5

    Paul Bernardo

    Charles Chi-Tai Ng

    Pedro Lopez

    Charles Manson

    Richard Crafts

    Colin Ross


    Coral Eugene Watts


    Craig’s List Killer

    St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

    Elizabeth Smart

    Ted Bundy

    Georgi Markov

    The “Ice Man”

    Hamm Kidnapping

    The Coors Kidnapping

    Harvey Milk

    The Green River Killer

    Heath Ledger

    The Lindbergh Kidnapping

    Jeffrey MacDonald

    The Night Stalker

    Jessica Lunsford/ John Couey

    The Sam Sheppard Case

    The Stielow Case

    John Lennon murder

    Travon Martin/ George Zimmerman

    John Wayne Gacy

    Troy Davis

    Jon Bennet Ramsey

    Twin Tower Bombings 1993

    Kurt Cobain


    Laci Peterson murder

    West Memphis 3





    Name __________________________ Date ______________  Period _______


    Forensic Science Case Study Report Sheet



    Title of Case: _______________________________________________________________



    Who was involved in the case?






    Suspect(s)/ Accused:





    Case Details: Summarize the case in 2-3 paragraphs using full sentences.




    Testimonial evidence

    (who testified; what type of witnesses were they (eyewitness; expert; corroborative; character)





    Physical Evidence

    (include the type of evidence and how it links the perpetrator to the crime or how it helped police solve the case.  Be specific: Don’t just say “fingerprints, hair, gun powder residue”- describe what makes the evidence unique to the case. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION OF YOUR REPORT.  BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE!):





    Outcome/Results of case (including sentence and current status of perpetrator):




    Notes/ Other Relevant Facts:






    Resources- list of URLs/ books/ articles/ video used: (At least 3; only one video; no Wikipedia)



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