The Guidance Department at White Plains High School provides guidance and counseling services to all students from the time that they enter the high school until graduation. Guidance is a service function, which includes a series of planned and informal activities designed to assist students to understand themselves better, to cope with the normal problems associated with growing up, and to become contributing citizens. The goal of our program to help achieve a successful high school experience.
    Guidance and counseling is, however, more than a program of activities. It is also a relationship that exists between a student and a guidance counselor.  From grades nine through twelve, the guidance counselor advises and counsels students about the selection of courses, relationships with teachers and other significant adults, relationships with peers, extra-curricular involvement, career and post-high school planning, coping with pressures, tensions and the day-to-day problems of growing up in a complex, multi-faceted society. 
     Naviance is available beginning in the 9th grade! We strongly encourage all students and their families to log on today!
    Don't wait until you are applying to college to log on.  Please take advantage of this wonderful resource!  Remember to update your email and contact information as needed so you can be notified of important updates that you do not want to miss.  If you have questions, please call us.

    The mission of the White Plains City School District is to educate and inspire all students, while nurturing their dreams, so they learn continually, think critically, pursue their aspirations and contribute to a diverse and dynamic world.