• This past Saturday I dropped off food, blankets and cleaning and medical supplies (and homemade dog treats made by the SAIL program students) to the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter as part of the ongoing WPHS Martial Arts Animal Shelter Drive. They were very grateful! We will continue our shelter drive to help animal shelters in the area. (A huge thank you to Church Street School who gave the bulk of the items! )

    Mount Vernon dog

    Help Hurricane Sandy Victims!!

    This weekend I'm taking anything that we've accumulated from the animal shelter drive along with other supplies down
    to Breezy Point/ Belle Harbor, Queens.
    A friend of mine has been going down there the past few weekends and said that this area is not getting the help that other areas are getting from large rescue groups. "... Long story short, this is an area of middle class, middle income, hard-working people that was decimated by the hurricane and is far enough removed from the mainland that relief efforts aren't cutting it. The community is without power and projections right now have them getting it back around Thanksgiving at best. Their homes are flooded and destroyed. As we sit in warmth, they freeze."

    People are barely getting the care they need and their pets are getting very little help if any at all.

    Here's how you can help:
    *Drop off pet food, kitty litter or other supplies
    (I will take human non-perishable food down as well) to:

    ·         WPHS-Mr. Crino Room G003

    ·         Highlands- Ms. Bellantoni Main office or Ms. Pietsch Room 204 or Ms. DeBernardi Room 105

    ·         Eastview- Ms. Galvin Room 328

    ·         Church St. -Ms. Santarelli Nurses office

    ·         Ed House- Ms. Pachonas’ office

    ·         Ridgeway-Ms. Vendola Room 123

    ·         GW- Ms. Presser Room 312

    ·         Post Road- Mr. Cromer- Room 217

    ·         Mamaroneck Ave – Ms. Cremin Room 200 (Library)

    ·         Community School- Ms. Serrano’s office


    * If you want to donate $$ instead, please visit www.fight4them.org/donate. The FULL amount will be used to buy supplies on Sat to bring to Breezy Point on Sunday 11/18

    Thank you and I will keep you posted!

Last Modified on November 13, 2012