To successfully perform at your optimum level, this information is important for you as a student of Spanish.  Learning another language requires a lot of time, memorization, practice and patience.  Be consistent and persistent with the work; it will be rewarding both in personal satisfaction now as well as job marketability later.  


    Be on time and prepared with your textbook, binder and pen everyday.


    Participation is a vital aspect in learning Spanish.  It is an important component of your skills and will help you with the 24 point oral section of the State Regents Exam. Our class will be a “TEAM setting” which makes group work very important.  This includes skits, homework, preparation, active listening and speaking in Spanish.

    Mastery Testing: I believe that every student can succeed on a test/quiz.  Therefore, you may make up a test within a week from return date to improve your score; if the grade improves you will be rewarded the new grade.  If the grade does not improve the original grade plus the new grade will be averaged for a final grade.

    Tests:  If you miss a test/quiz due to a legal absence, you may make it up with in 2 days

    Written assignments: It must be on time or 10 percent will be deducted for each day late. Any written assignment may be redone for a higher grade.  1) You must redo the entire assignment.  2) Each new copy must be stapled to the original assignment.  3) This must be handed in with in 2 days from being returned.  One, two and three must be done for me to consider raising your grade. 

    Homework is a requirement.  Homework must be in class when reviewed in order to receive credit.  Homework may be collected for a grade.  ½ point will be deducted from your quarter grade point average for each missing assignment.  DO THE HOMEWORK!

    Notebooks: must be a three ring binder with three divisions that include class notes, vocabulary, and homework. 

      Extra help: is available and highly recommended.  Anyone earning less than a C must come for extra help.  My schedule for make-ups and extra help are as follows:

    Lunch Tuesdays and Thursdays, after school by appointment

    or during a mutually free period

    Basic unrewarded expectations: 

    1. Each of you is obligated to bring pens, pencils, textbooks and any related materials to class each day.

    2. The school’s attendance policy will be enforced.  Be sure to make up any notes, assignments and quizzes promptly.  It is your responsibility to find out what you missed the day that you return. 

    3. Please be on time to class


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Last Modified on November 6, 2012