· Athletes who are medically excused from physical education will not be permitted to participate in athletics until they are medically cleared to return to class. 

    · If an athlete receives an F in physical education, the athlete is ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletics.

    · If an athlete does not dress for physical education class, the athlete is ineligible to participate in practice or play in athletic event that day.

    · All book bags, back packs, etc. must be left in the locker room in a locked locker during class.  Locks are assigned to each student by their instructor.  Locks can only be used during the class period the student is in physical education.

    · Students are asked not to bring valuables to class.  Valuables include cash, calculators, radios, cell phones and jewelry.

    · Any theft should be reported to the instructor and then to the student’s house administrator.

    · No student should be in the locker room during their physical education class.

    · Students late to class will not be allowed into the locker room during class time.

    · Students who are either injured or become ill while participating in a physical education class must inform their instructor prior to going to the nurse.

    · In order to return to physical education after being medically excused, a doctor’s note will need to go to the nurse for approval.

    · Students may not be in any physical education class they are not assigned to.

    Students may not go to the nurse during P.E. without teachers permission.

Last Modified on April 29, 2013