• Making Up A Physical Education Class

     · A medically excused student is required to submit one current event for each week missed. 

    · Medically excused students do not have to change for class, but will be required to attend class.
    · Only students with excused absences will be allowed to make up a class.
    · Students can make up classes during study hall time and have10 school days to do so. Students are only allowed two (2) unprepared
        make ups per quarter. If students do not have a study hall (upon verification), students can make up classes missed during lunch. On those days, students
        should bring a bag lunch. During the last three weeks of each quarter all students will only be allowed to make up a maximum of 4 classes. 

    Procedures to Make Up

    Physical Education Classes

    · The student makes an appointment with his/her Physical Education teacher to attend a similar class during an alternate period. This is usually arranged during the student’s study hall time.

    · The student receives a yellow “make-up” card from the Physical Education teacher.  The student is responsible to fill out the card with the student’s name and the date of the make-up class.  Students should present the completed yellow make-up card to their teacher, who will then record the make-up.

    · Upon arriving for the make-up, the student must present the yellow card to the teacher.  Students may not complete a make-up without presenting the yellow card.

    · At the conclusion of the class, the student must receive the yellow card from the teacher, with the teacher’s signature on the card.  Students may not complete a make-up without receiving the signed yellow card. 

    · Once the student’s Physical Education teacher has recorded the make-up, the student then brings the yellow card to the Physical Education office.  The card will be kept on file until the end of the current school year.

    · A make-up for a missed class must be completed within 10 school days of the original absence or unprepared.

    · Arriving to class unprepared for participation is not considered a “legal” absence.  In any one quarter, a student may make-up amaximum of 2 class periods due to being “unprepared”.  Students who miss work more than twice in a quarter due to lack of preparation will forfeit the opportunity to earn those points toward their quarterly grade.

    It is the responsibility of the student to initiate and complete themake-up process.  No credit will be givenfor a make-up without the submission of the signed yellow card.  This is to avoid any confusion or misunderstandingand to assure that all students are credited with all their make-ups.




Last Modified on April 29, 2013