Class work/Participation: 35% (see rubric)
    -Participation-Contribute to class discussions, and completed every assignment
    -Being Prepared

    Embedded Assessments:  25%
    Embedded assessments are assessments that make use of actual work that students produce throughout  the course.   It is a method for measuring your knowledge and ability.  They help chart your progress, rather than “testing” you at the end of every unit.  It’s a way for me to determine “how you’re doing.”

    These assessments may include:
    • Visual/ graphic displays (or organizers)
    • Oral presentations
    • Written expositions
    • Quizzes
    • Staged performances

    Unit Assessments: 25%

    Unit assessments will be based on materials that are covered in class during a particular unit of study.  Examples of these assessments include:
    • Short stories or non-fiction articles
    • Chapters within a novel
    • Vocabulary
    • Grammar
    • Literary devices
    • Poetry analysis

    Homework: 15% (See Rubric)

    Homework is assigned nearly every day. It is to be completed only at home, and to be submitted the following day. Each homework assignment will be graded based on effort and demonstration of understanding of the material. It is to be neat, organized, and thorough. Late homework will not be accepted.