• You can click on the link at the bottom of this page to check your grades here.  Grades are posted in real time.  Keep your password and id in a safe place.  
    • Please allow 10 days from the date due for work turned in on time.
    • Check that the due date of the assignment has passed before becoming concerned.  Assignments are sometimes listed in the grade book before they are due.   
    • Check carefully the total score available for the test or assignment - not all grades are out of 100. 
    • A zero means the assignment has been checked and was not submitted by the time the grades were input, or that the work was incomplete or of such poor quality no credit was given.  All work (except study guides which we go over in class) may be made up and turned in for partial credit.  
    •  A blank means  an assignment has not been checked yet or is missing.
    • The grade "ab" means the student was absent either on the day the assignment was given or due, and the assignment should be submitted as soon as possible after the student returns to school.   All "ab" grades turn to zero at the test concluding the unit.  Excused grades do not need to be made up and will not count in the grade. 
     Student Expectations: Students will be expected to:

    ·         Monitor their own grades for accuracy. In the event that a student believes a grade is inaccurate, he or she will bring the concern to the attention of the teacher.  Please hold on to all returned tests and assignments until you see them reflected in the grade book. 

    ·         Bring a grading concern to the attention of their guidance counselor if a grading concern that was raised with the teacher has not been adequately addressed. 

    Parent Expectations: Parents will be expected to:

    ·         Monitor their child’s grades in order to provide further support and supervision as needed.

    o   Hard copy progress reports will ONLY be mailed home for those students with in-progress course grades less than or equal to 70%.

    o   Hard copy report cards will continue to be mailed home for all students.

    ·         Encourage their child to bring any grading concerns to his or her teacher. Parents are encouraged to follow up directly with the teacher as needed.

    ·         Bring a grading concern to the attention of the subject area coordinator (high school level) or building administrator (middle school level) only after that grading concern has been raised directly with the teacher and has not been resolved.

Last Modified on September 10, 2014