• Special Needs Committee
    PTA Special Needs Committee Contact Information:

    Shannon Nella, co-President

    Donna Keane, co-President

    Shannon Nella, Communications

    Tracy Viola, Programs

    Caroline Furry, Secretary/Newsletter

    Michele Brady, Special Needs Parent Rep Coordinator

    Adys Dosil, Parent Outreach (English & Spanish)

    Erika Gamero & Josie Cardona, Translations



    Special Needs Parent Representatives for each of the school building:
    Please feel free to contact them via email with any questions you may have for your school


    George Washington School: 

    Anna O'Keefe Grippo

    annacatherine78@yahoo.com  409-3307


    Mamaroneck Avenue School: 

    Alison Cutrone

    alison.cutrone@gmail.com  831-3627

    Sarah Goldstein  

    goldsteinsarah@icloud.com  303-981-3664


    Post Road School:

    Adys Dosil

    adysdosil@gmail.com 917-405-9236


    Ridgeway School: 

    Nikki Woods  

    nikki.d.woods@gmail.com  772-2877


    Church Street School:

    Pamela Tumminello pamela_tumminello@yahoo.com

    Desiree Colon-Cartafalsa  dcolon1@verizon.net 

    Josie Cardona josiejjg@gmail.com


    Eastview Middle School: 

    Shannon Nella, shannon@nellacreativegroup.com


    Highlands Middle School: 

    Donna Keane  dmkeane73@yahoo.com  683-1868

    Bonnie Hagen  bonnie@bonniehagen.com  426-1376

    White Plains PTA Council Special Needs Committee website: