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  • White Plains High School Physical Education Grading Policy

    • 80% of the grade is based on the student meeting the daily objective. Students must come to physical education class prepared and participate in all class activities with a high level of intensity.


    • 20 % of the grade is based on homework assignments and summative assessments. Formative assessments will be used to help students and teachers monitor how much progress has been achieved. This information will be used to help students focus on areas for individual improvement; teachers will use the information to help drive instruction.

    Physical Education Make-Ups

    • Legal absences from class (i.e. meeting with counselor, absent from school, school trip) must be made up within 10 school days of the absence. Students are permitted to make up two classes per quarter due to being unprepared.


    • Physical education is a participatory course, therefore; failure to make up classes results in a severe reduction of a student’s grade due to not meeting the daily objective.


    • Make-ups for physical education classes can be done during a student’s study hall period. The student should try to make up a class in the same PE course they are taking. A student must see their teacher for a make-up card from the teacher prior to going to make up a class. If a child does not have a study hall, they can go to the fitness room during lunch to make up a class. A student must arrive to the fitness room prepared to exercise (clothes changed) by 11:45 am.


    • Medically Excused Students – students who are medically excused from physical education must complete one written assignment per week; due at the end of each week. The assignment information is listed on the information link for Medically Excused Students.