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    All sophomores must take Fitness I as it is a district mandated course.  The focus in this course is Wellness and the goal is to provide the students with as many different ways to improve their wellness and as possibleOur umltimate goal is to create life long participants in some type of physical activity.

    During the first quarter we will review the 5 fitness components and then testing every student’s level of Fitness using the Cooper Institute Fitnessgram. The students will be asked to compare their results with the Healthy Living Standards and then set goals on how to improve their fitness level.

    The second quarter involves students learning how to use dumbbells, ankle weights, bosu balls, stability balls, exercise bands, steppers, and a multitude of plyometric, abdominal and core exercises. These activities are then incorporated into circuits, which give the students experiences in “working out” without a gym.

     The third quarter moves the class into the weight room where the students are taught how to use the machines and what muscles and their locations are being worked at the machines. They are taught weight training principles, how to keep a log, and weight room etiquette.

    The fourth quarter involves teaching a mini nutrition unit, yoga, Pilates, retesting the fitness components to check for improvement and ends with a mini unit in ultimate Frisbee.