• Student Expectations:

    Check your class grade regularly by visiting infinite campus.

    Grading Policy for Honors Classes:

    70% Quizzes and Tests
    20% Labs
    10% Homework/Classwork

    Grading Policy for Regents Classes:

    65% Quizzes and Tests
    20% Labs
    15% Homework/Classwork
    Test make-ups / retakes:
    Honors Classes: No retakes or corrections on tests, all grades are final.
    Regents Classes: If you score an F or D on a test you must see me to review your mistakes and retake a similar test.  
    Honors and Regents Classes: Students need to accumulate 1200 minutes of lab time during the school year to qualify to sit for the Regents Exam.  All lab work will be completed in your lab book which will stay in the classroom.  Students who do not complete a lab during class time will be able to complete it during tutorial.
    Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis.  Late homework will be accepted only for the unit we are studying.  You cannot make up a quarter's worth of work in the last week before report cards.