• Ms. Tomici's Project Adventure 

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    During this class you and your classmates will move through four different course goals. The first quarter will focus on building community within the class. The goal for this quarter will be for all the students in the class to learn each other's names and discover commonalities that exist within the class. Additionally, the class will develop a working contract that all members will agree to follow.

    The second quarter will focus on problem solving; during this time you will work with different students in the class and practice cooperation, communication,....skills

    The third quarter will deal with trust. During this time we will work on expanding comfort zone and put our physical and emotional safety in the hands of our classmates. 

    The fourth quarter will focus on you as an individual. You will be asked to challenge yourself to move outside your comfort zone into the challenge zone. This is the quarter where we will be climbing the high elements located in the south gym and the outdoor course.