Vocabulary Word Definition
Amniotic Fluid The “water” in which a developing baby floats. It acts as a cushion.
Amniotic Sac It is a bag of fluid that is created by membranes, inside the uterus, that houses the fetus and fluids.
Caesarian An operation to remove baby from uterus via abdominal wall.
Conception When the egg and sperm meet in fallopian tube (fertilization).
Contraction The squeezing of the uterine muscles to push the fetus out.
Embryo The fertilized egg cell from conception until end of the 8th week.
Fetus The developing baby from about 10 weeks to birth in the uterus.
Fraternal Twins Twins that grew from two eggs and two sperm; can be different genders.
Genes Sets of instructions in each human cell that determine inherited physical features and other traits.
Gynecologist A doctor who specializes in female reproductive system.
Labor Is the time it takes for the baby to be born.
Obstetrician A doctors who delivers babies.
Placenta A temporary organ attached to the inside wall of the mother’s uterus during pregnancy.
Umbilical Cord Cord connected to the placenta so the fetus can receives nutrition and oxygen; becomes the baby’s belly button.