•       All About Mrs. Hricay
          Just like you, I am a resident of White Plains.  I have three daughters.  One of my daughters attends Post Road Elementary School.  One attends Highlands Middle School and the oldest is a Sophomore at White Plains High School.  My youngest daughter is in the Dual Language Program so she learns in both Spanish and English every day.  My daughter who goes to Highlands was in the Dual Language program from Kindergarten until 6th grade.  I am very proud to say she is completely fluent in Spanish.  She is a student in Spanish Language Arts here at Highlands.  My oldest daughter is learning Spanish as a foreign language.

    When I was a child I lived in Ossining, NY.  I went to the Ossining Public Schools where I was very active in sports and other school activities.  I benefited from growing up in Ossining because although it is smaller than White Plains it is a very diverse community.  I had friends that spoke many different languages and I found that fascinating.  I learned that even though we all may not look alike or come from the same type of family we can all get along if we take the time to get to know one another. 

    I have been a teacher at WPMS for 20 years.  Although I am only fluent in English I have learned a lot of Spanish during my years teaching at Highlands.  I understand a lot more than I can speak, but I often surprise my students, their parents and even myself with how much I can actually can say en español!  The students love to correct my mistakes!  They all get a laugh (and maybe a little comfort) while watching me struggle to speak a second language.  I don’t mind being their entertainment - I enjoy working as a teacher because my students always make me smile.

    My favorite thing to do in my free time is to go running.  I run all over White Plains, especially during the spring and summer (I hate the cold weather!)  I have a dog that I walk all the time and I love spending time with my family – they keep me very busy!  My favorite place in the world is Cape Cod.  I love to go to the beach with my family and watch the waves crash onto the shore.