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    Aquatics is a core subject for physical education.  Ninth grade students are required to complete a full year in this area.  Classes meet four times in the nine day cycle. Two credits are required by the state for successful completion of high schoool.
    Aquatics is a lifetime skill and can be a lifesaving skill.  The importance of learning how to be successful and comfortable in the water is the focus of this course.
    When a student is unprepared or misses class for any reason, they have 10 school days to make up the class.  The aquatic facility is available for make ups almost every class period and at lunch.  Student must show up on time and sign in with the teacher for make up classes.
    Students will begin with stroke work, covering freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and sidestroke.  Students will be appropriately grouped according to ability and grouped cooperatively to encourage improvement.  Activities that may be introduced to the students will be diving, water aerobics, kayaking, water polo, water games and snorkeling.
Last Modified on March 23, 2012