• The 2011 Songwriters Club
    The Songwriters Club
          The Songwriters Club is a collective group of eclectic and vibrant musicians at White Plains High School, who hope to exhibit the wonderful diversity of music found at our school. We take great lengths to help create original music by networking with fellow students in songwriting, sharing our love of various music genres via networking, and having a great time building a songwriting community at the high school. 
          We meet Mondays at lunch time (B212) where we listen and analyze songs past-present. Thursdays are our afternoon sessions, where we meet from 3-4:30 (C16) and  jam and
     create with fellow musicians or writers, and end each session with an open mic where we take on the challenge of trying new music and receive instant constructive feedback from fellow musicians. The open mic can be any form of music, from poetry to accapella, to instrumental, to singer-songwriter, to even a full-band sound. 
          Our efforts culminate in having two Songwriters Showcases at White Plains High School, every Winter and Spring. The club has celebrated its tenth year anniversary on May 2010
          We also partake in many community service activities, from performing at the Post Road Nursing Home to playing holiday music throughout the city (City Center's Shop Rite), to performing for our SAIL students on a monthly basis.
     Ivan Polanco's original song "I Just want To Love You" from our winter 2011 showcase

     Ivan Polanco, Sean Johnson, and Larry Hanley at our Valentines Bazarre 2011
    Melieluck Gulle, Sean Johnson, Shaatka, Natalie Abreu, and Christine Mann improvising during one of our Thursday Jam sessions (March 2012)
    Sebastianne Kent and the band Back Stage Pass performing the song "Valerie" at the 2012 Jiggy Showcase (2012)
     Melieluck Gulle performing during lunch in our Senior Courtyard
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