• Due March 10:
    Epilogue (Final chapter) for Flowers For Algernon
    Due March 10th
    In a 5-page paper (font 12, double spaced), create a final chapter to the novel Flowers For Algernon using the first person, with the speaker being Alice Kinninan,  Charly himself, or any other notable character from the novel, and create a final pivotal event not covered in the novel. Ideas to consider:
    • Charly's death and funeral
    • Alice reconciles with Charly
    • Alice marries Charly
    • Fay reconciles with Charly
    • Matt visits Charly
    • Charly undergoes another operation to become smart, with tragic or positive consequences.
    • -or another idea of your own exploration 
     Please remember to continue studying your vocabulary throughout the week of March 3-10. You will hold on to the vocabulary definitions and sentences for both the Springboard and the Daniel Keys novel when I collect the rest of the packet on March 3. You will be examined on your vocabulary on the week of March 10.
    -Enjoy,and I'll see you folks soon:)
Last Modified on February 28, 2014