The Ridgeway Reporter, a newspaper made by students of all ages, debuted in December and was a huge hit with kids and parents alike. Started by a former magazine editor and current Ridgeway parent (Kristin O’Callaghan), the Reporter gives students a chance to exercise their writing muscles outside of the classroom while connecting with kids and teachers throughout the Ridgeway community. Articles range from teacher profiles and opinion columns to movie reviews and short stories. It’s quickly becoming clear that the creativity and thoughtful intelligence showcased in the Ridgeway Reporter will be as endless as our students’ imaginations and enthusiasm.  For more information please see parent representative Kristin O'Callaghan and/or teacher representative Mr. George Tsuji.

     ISSUE 1 - DECEMBER 2012

     ISSUE 1 - DECEMBER 2011

    ISSUE 2 - FEBRUARY 2012 

    ISSUE 3 - WINTER 2012 - SPRING 2013