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Accommodations for National Testing (ACT/SAT)
If you are a student who receives accommodations for local testing as a result of an IEP or 504 Plan, please be aware that these accommodations do not extend to College Board or ACT testing.  You must apply separately to the College Board for their tests - which include SAT, SAT II, PSAT and AP examinations - and to the ACT if you wish to take an ACT exam.
If the College Board approves your application for accommodations, these accommodations will extend throughout high school unless your IEP or 504 Plan changes and your local accommodations are removed.  In that case, the College Board will remove your accommodations as well.
To receive accommodations for ACT testing, your application must include a specific test date.  You must re-apply for accommodations for each subsequent test date. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: There are times when a student who has local accommodations is denied for those same accommodations by the College Board and/or the ACT.  Both the College Board and ACT are private organizations and we have no control over their decisions.  They apply national standards in their review process, and these do not always match our local standards.
To apply for ACT accommodations, please ask your counselor for the appropriate form.  For more information about accommodations for ACT testing, please visit their website.  Once you review this document:
You can view the three types of forms here, but PLEASE SPEAK WITH YOUR COUNSELOR TO BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE APPROPRIATE FORM before proceeding.  Counselors have copies of all three forms in their offices and will provide your child with the proper one.  If you fill out the wrong form, it cannot be submitted and you may miss submission deadlines
To apply for College Board accommodations, you can download and print the form from the link below.  Once you have completed this form (including required signatures), please give it to your guidance counselor.
For more information about accommodations for College Board testing, please visit their website.