• Reading List

    Written by renowned and award-winning authors, the literature in Junior Great Books® Series 3-5 captures students' imagination and engages the best of their thinking.

    Series 5, Book One 

    The No-Guitar Blues Gary Soto

    Kaddo's Wall West African folktale as told by Harold Courlander and George Herzog

    Turquoise Horse Gerald Hausman

    A Game of Catch Richard Wilbur

    Oliver Hyde's Dischcloth Concert Richard Kennedy

    The Hundred-Dollar Bill Rose Wilder Lane

    The Invisible Child Tove Jansson

    In the Time of the Drums Gullah folktale as told by Kim L. Siegelson

    Learning the Game Francisco Jiménez

    The Bat-Poet Randall Jarrell


    Series 5, Book Two

    Charles Shirley Jackson

    A Bad Road for Cats Cynthia Rylant

    Podhu and Aruwa African folktale as told by Humphrey Harman

    Lenny's Red-Letter Day Bernard Ashley

    Barbie Gary Soto

    Ghost Cat Donna Hill

    Lucky Boy Philippa Pearce

    Maurice's Room Paula Fox

    The Prince and the Goose Girl Elinor Mordaunt

    The Bermuda Triangle Tim Wynne-Jones