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    Maggie Racioppo , R.N.
    School Nurse Coordinator 
    School Nurses Make It Happen
    Staff Development Center 
    500 North Street
    White Plains, NY 10605
    Phone: (914) 422-2011
    Fax:  (914) 422-2160
    E-mail:  magalyracioppo@wpcsd.k12.ny.us

     FamilyID Sports Registration

    All WPHS, Highlands or Eastview students wanting to participate on an interscholastic school team must register on FamilyID.

    Welcome to the Health Services Home Page.  On this page you will find information related to health services in the school district.  Important forms for registration, sports and more can be downloaded and printed out for your convenience.  In addition, general health policies and procedures of the school district are listed below, as well as a directory of school nurses.  The contents of the page are listed below and act as links to the appropriate sections of the page. If you can not find what you need, please contact your child's school nurse or feel free to call me regarding any health-related concerns.  We wish you and your child a happy and healthy school year.

    We are all aware of the recent attention to our existing healthcare system by the federal government. Our state government has also been busy examining ways to make our schools healthier places to be. Toward this end, the school district has put together a Health Advisory Committee that meets routinely during the year and has written policies and regulations on wellness in compliance with state requirements.  One of our initiatives is to provide information on health and wellness to our staff. 

    Evidence has proven that prevention of illness is one of the most important aspects of high level wellness. Researchers in the area of healthcare have shown that our health behaviors influence up to 50% of our health status - smoking, poor dietary habits, lack of exercise and alcohol abuse, to name a few.  Therefore, the emphasis in healthcare has begun to shift toward prevention, rather than focusing solely on disease management. 

    Prevention will be the primary focus of this page.  You will routinely be provided with information that will be helpful in assisting you to live a healthier lifestyle.  I will also include information on issues of interest from health journals and medical papers. Sometimes a little reminder of what we already know is what we need to get ourselves moving.  Even small changes can make a difference!

    School Nurse Directory

    Nurse Coordinator

    Maggie Racioppo, R.N. 

    fax: 914-422-2269

     Church Street School

    Colleen Panetta, R.N.


     George Washington School

    Marilyn Batista, R.N.


     Mamaroneck Avenue School

     William Sappos, R.N.


     Post Road School

     Danielle Nash,  R.N.


     Ridgeway School

     Desiree Sanabria,  R.N.


     Middle School - Eastview Campus

     Lillian O'Grady, R.N.



     Middle School - Highlands Campus

     Rosemarie, Corradina, R.N.


    High School

    Natalie Gjokaj, R.N.

    Eileen Perri R.N.

    Sue Repetti, R.N.





     Ellen Clark R.N.