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The FTC website's information can help you avoid rip-offs and exercise your consumer rights, so read up! Education is the first line of defense against fraud and deception; it can help you make well-informed decisions before you spend your money.
6 to 12
How to identify scholarship scams
9 to 12
New York State has a health insurance plan for kids, called Child Health Plus. Depending on your family's income, your child may be eligible to join either Children's Medicaid or Child Health Plus.
K to 12
Find out about advertising tricks, learn how to be a smart shopper and see what you can do to avoid being cheated in the marketplace.
5 to 12
Personal Finance reference information from the US government
5 to 12
15 nutritious foods for about $2
5 to 12
Resources and activities to teach Middle Schoolers about today's marketplace
5 to 8