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WPMS- Eastview Campus

Latin Enrichment: Course Expectations & Grading Policy

Ms. Cieloszyk


            Welcome students and parents! I am very excited to work with you and your child this year at both the Eastview & Highlands Middle School campuses. The following syllabus will give you general information on what the students will be learning and how they will be graded in this Latin Enrichment course. The syllabus also outlines rules students are expected to adhere to in the classroom. Understanding and knowing these rules will be the first step to their success in this classroom and it will allow us to stay focused on the task of learning.  Parents and Guardians: Please feel free to contact me via e-mail with any concerns or questions – evacieloszyk@wpcsd.k12.ny.us.


Course Description:

            This Latin Enrichment class is geared towards providing students with the skills and strategies to do word building in English through the study of Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes. The class will focus on comparing and contrasting English and Latin vocabulary and grammar in order to improve SAT vocabulary and reading/writing skills. Students will create multiple short and long PowerPoint presentations throughout the course of the year incorporating the newly learned vocabulary words. 


Grading - Student performance will be computed from the following categories:

70 % - Performance (Quizzes/Tests/Projects)

15 % - Preparation (includes HW)

15% - Participation   


Class Participation & Preparation– Students are expected to come to class on-time and ready to contribute to class discussions, answer questions, and complete all assigned work. Students will be graded each term for their class participation and preparation.


Homework – Homework is an integral part of academic success and reinforces the work introduced in the classroom. Daily homework will consist of spending at least 15 minutes a day reviewing vocabulary cards. Students are responsible for completing each written homework assignment before class. If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to get and complete the homework assignment on the day of his/her return. For this reason, it is a good idea for students to obtain phone numbers from at least two of their classmates. Late homework will be accepted for two days after assigned deadline, with a 10 point deduction for each late day.


Materials & Notebook – For the class to run effectively, students must come to class prepared and ready for work. For every class meeting, students must bring their handouts, a binder or folder with their yellow stock vocabulary cards, and a writing utensil.


Class Behavior – Students are expected to adhere to the basic rules of conduct that are outlined in the student handbook. Most importantly please:


  • Respect yourself, your classmates and your teacher.
  • Always use appropriate language and be courteous.
  • Keep the classroom and your working area neat.
  • Arrive on time and come prepared with H.W.
  • Do not chew gum or eat in class.
  • Do not wear hats in class. Do not listen to electronic devices. Always have your cell-phone and electronic devices turned off.
  • Do not interrupt instruction by talking or leaving your seat; please ask for permission before leaving your desk and raise your hand to speak in class.


Attendance – Students are expected to adhere to the basic attendance rules outlined in the student handbook. Most importantly please note that:


  • If you have an excused absence, you must make up all quizzes and tests within five days of your return to school.
  • You are expected to always arrive on time and be prepared for every class meeting. Unless otherwise noted, the daily objective, H.W. and “Do Now” assignment will be posted on a designated spot in the classroom. Please begin work on the “Do Now” assignment as soon as you get to your seat.
  • If you miss a class, you are responsible for obtaining notes, handouts, and assignments given while you were absent. For this purpose, make sure that you have at least two of your classmates’ phone numbers!


Extra Help – Students and Parents: I am available for extra help. Please come see me as soon as you feel overwhelmed or confused; do not wait until a major test or end of the term to express your concerns.


            I look forward to a wonderful and exciting year !